Town of

Planning Board, Building and Codes Enforcement, Zoning Board

5255 Pleasant Valley Road
Peterboro, NY 13035
The Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer and Planning Board play a major role in preserving the integrity of the Town of Smithfield neighbors, buildings and overall quality of life in the town. The planning board acts as the overall advisory body interpreting the land use laws ans policies set forth by the Town Board and has the authority to approve subdivisions,site plans and various other permits. The Zoning and Codes Enforcement officer enforces laws and decisions of the Town Board, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals
Daily functions of the Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer include the issuance of building permits, construction reviews as will as on-site construction inspections, demolition permits, zoning reviews, the enforcement of local laws and ordinances, annual inspections of multiple family dwellings, places of public assembly and issuance of plumbing and heating installations. All inspections are performed pursuant to the NYS Property Maintenance and Fire Codes and are either done by the code officer, members of the Town of Smithfield Fire Department or by independent third party inspectors that are approved by the Town of Smithfield.
Eric Howard Zoning BD Chair
Phone: 315- 684 -9293