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The Town Board sets land use control policy by creating zoning regulations, a comprehensive plan and adopting/amending laws. The Planning Board acts as the overall advisory body interpreting the land use laws and policies set forth by the Town Board.  The Planning Board has authority to approve subdivisions, site plans and various other permits.  The Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer enforces laws and decisions of the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.


Planning Board Meets Every Third Monday of the Month.

Wes Barber
Acting Chairman
Phone: 315-684-7924
Term: 7 years
Linda Grigor
Phone: 315-684-9535
Term: 2007-2013
Barney Freeborn
Phone: 315-684-7244
Term: 2008-2014
Jacob Donovan-Colin
Phone: 315-727-5448
Term: 2013-2019
William Smith
Phone: 315-495-5172
Term: 2010-2016
Darlene Corpin
Phone: 315-684-9491
Term: 2009-2015

When Do I need a Land Use Permit?

Certain land uses may require a land use permit in addition to a building permit.  To verify whether your proposed use or property requires a separate land use permit call 684-7867. 

What Must I Submit for a Permit?

Submit a completed building permit application to the Codes Enforcement Officer.  Contractor information (insurance certifications) will be needed before the approved plans and permit can be issued.  One or two family dwelling projects and commerical projects require two complete sets of plans.  The plans must show all proposed work and details necessary to verify compliance with building codes, zoning ordinances and New York State Health Department Regulations.  Plans may not be accepted if they are unclear or lack necessary details.  Building permit applications and checklists for commerical or residential projects are available below or at the Town of Smithfield Town Clerks Office  located at 5255 Pleasant Valley Road Peterboro.

Delays Can be Costly...

You can save yourself a great deal of time and money if your review the general regulations of any project and submit plans that will not need major revisions. Any addition costing over $10,001 or more requires architect stamped plans. If you are planning to build a house over 1,500 sq. ft. and do not want an architect, you may use the prescriptive method and follow the regulations of New York State Residential Code.  If you are not familiar with code requirements, seek professional assistance before attempting to apply for a permit. 

Typical Items to Check Before Submitting Plans

Make sure that the use, size, height and location of the building on the development site conforms with Town of Smithfield Zoning Ordinances.  Check for the location of any public utility easements on the building site.  No construction is allowed on or over such easements.

When May I Start?

No construction or land disturbance is allowed until a permit is issued and fees paid.  After the application and accompanying plans are submitted, it will take a week to examine and process plans (depending on complexity of the project).  Incomplete plans may require revisions and take significantly longer to approve.  Plans are reviewed in the order they are received.  You will be notified of approval by telephone or mail, with permit fees specified at that time.  Permit fees are based on the type and value of the work to be done.  A fee schedule is included in the building permit application.  You may pick-up your permit application at the Town of Smithfield Town Clerks Office  located at 5255 Pleasant Valley Road Peterboro.  Please post your permit on site and have a set of plans available on the job for review by the inspector.

When Do I Need an Inspection?

The type and number of inspections needed depend on each individual project.  Please review your permit for the inspections you will need.  When the work is ready for inspection, the contractor or person responsible for the work to be inspected can schedule an appointment by calling 684-7867 with the name, location of job and the type of inspection needed.  24 hour notice is required.

How Long is a Permit Active?

Once issued, construction must be completed within one year of the issuance date.  If work is not complete at the end of one year, the building permit may be renewed for the initial cost of the permit.

What is a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance?

After the final inspection, when it is found that the building or structure complies with all code provisions of the Town of Smithfield and New York State, the Town of Smithfield will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.  No building or structure may be lawfully used or occupied until the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.  A Certificate of Compliance is issued for activities such as additions, fireplaces, swimming pools, hot tubs, tool sheds and land disturbances.